Tests for low back pain / Slump Test

by John Toth
(Lawrence, Kansas, USA)

I am a retired physician who does medico-legal work. Therefore, I review chiropractic records in order to help clients of attorneys receive adequate compensation for accidents i.e. personal injury.

In reviewing a particular chiropractic doctor's work there is an unintelligible test that starts with a K, I believe. This was under a group of tests which included the Rhomberg, toe-walking, heel-walking, trendelenberg (?) and were performed in the standing position. Do you know what this is? It was positive on one of the patients sides.

Can you recommend a book source that would have most chiropractic testing in it. I certainly appreciated your "slump test" information. Very thorough. I could have used it when I was involved in treating low back pain.

Thanks for your help.

John Toth

Good morning Dr Toth,
I'm afraid I don't recognise the test beginning with K. I'd approach Dr Vizniak at http://www.chiropractic-books.com/Vizniak-Physical-Assessment-Manual.html

Follow the links, and I'm sure he'll give you a personal answer.

Thanks for the compliments. Nice to be semi-retired but keep your hand in, eh. I'm in the same boat. Full retirement is so often the quick route to the grave!

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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