T1 / T2

by Luis
(Los Angeles )

It has been a long time, 9 years to be precise. There is this pressure and sometimes like a pinch of a nerve; it takes my energy away.

Also I feel tingling in my arms, sometimes in my fingertips. Sometimes when I do certain activity with my shoulders, it triggers that sensation lack of energy and numbness with tingling.

I have seen two chiropractors, an upper cervical specialist, and currently I've consulted a regular chiropractor, there has been some progress with the last chiropractor, however I still have that problem.

It is extremely debilitating; I just cannot do anything. Is there any technique that can adjust the t1 maybe t2?.

Hello Luis,
What do the xrays of your lower neck show?

The cervico thoracic junction is a tricky area and is often the area injured in an old whiplash.

Perhaps try someone quite different; like a Gonstead practitioner.

If you haven't had x-rays, get some taken, including obliques.

Dr B

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