Subluxated hips and sacrum pain

Subluxated hips and sacrum pain

Hello dr Barrie!
I dont know if you remember me, we had a mail conversation about my hip problems earlier, I have ehlers danlos syndrome and my hip joints hurt very badly and dislocate whan I walk.

I also have pain in my lower back. I thougt you might be interested of hearing what the doctors thinks explain very much of my pain since I did an MRI in june. They found multiple nerve root cyst i my sacral area wich probably increase my hip pain, leg pain and the pain in my buttocks.
Have you any knowledge of tarlov cysts?

I still haven't got informed how many cysts I have, I only know that they are multiple, bilateral and one is presacral and about five centimeter.

I'm waiting again for some experts who can tell me if they can do anything, but my doctor says I don't should expect that they can fix this.

So, a little update from me.
Best regards, Marie from Sweden

Yes, of course, Marie,
Now that really does muddy the water. You did mean 5cm not 5mm? That's huge, and thus likely to be symptomatic. But 5mm are usually asymptomatic, and what we call an incidental finding. Interesting, but probably irrelevant. They are not uncommon in eds.

I wish I could be more helpful. Keep us updated, and thanks for this info. Keep doing your exercises.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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