sternum pain

by Andrew
(New York)

About a year ago I sneezed really hard and my chest was sore for 4 days; recently I aggravated it maybe in the gym. Now when I'm laying down and go to get up I get a pain in center of my chest (sternum); it does not hurt when touched; it only hurts when crunch my upper body to get up or when I cross my arms or cough.

Sometimes I get a tingling feeling in my left forearm and into my fingers as well.

Hello Andrew,
A sneeze is quite violent and can injure both the joints between the rib and the spine, and the sternum. It can also strain muscles.

Untreated, the acute pain subsides, and may go away together but at the chiropractic coalface, many patients report that a dull ache remains in the midback, and then sternal pain begins.

The condition is then called Tietzes syndrome, and may also affect the collar bone with tingling in the arm; if often also causes indigestion as the diaphragm attaches to the lower ribs.

Usually then the sternum itself is tender; so that's good.

That tingling needs to be carefully evaluated; is it from the neck and a separate condition? Or is it part of the rib and clavicular condition?

Rib pain treatment if fundamental to chiropractic; an every day affair. Usually it's straight forward, but now that you've been sore for a long time, expect to have to go through a rehab programme and return for an occasional, regular treatment.

If it doesn't settle a chest xray and spinal radiographs are in order.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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