slipped disk

by Aysha
(krugersdorp gauteng)

Slipped disk.

» Slipped disk

My husband got very bad lower back pain. We consult private doctor and ortho too. They said his disk is shifted. Can you please help how can it can be treated because we don't want to go for an operation.

Hello Aysha,
No matter how bad his back pain, if he has no pain in the leg, there's no need to panic.

Having said that, if he has very bad lower back pain, all it takes is one good sneeze, or wrong move, or simply sitting too much, and it's likely to radiate into his leg.

What's needed is for him to follow our slipped disc rules which you'll find by using the search function in the navigation bar on your left. It's hard, but he must stay at home, not sit or bend, do gentle exercises and give the disc time to heal. Ice is the best and safest painkiller.

If he really does have a slipped disk, then it needs to be reduced with a gentle chiropractic adjustment, and it will take six weeks to heal.

Does he have pain coughing and sneezing? Has he gone crooked like the lady above?

Dr B

» Slipped disk

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