shoulder pain, numbness in hands, stiffness in my neck

by Colleen
(Lexington, Oklahoma)

I have had numbness in my hands for awhile, when I use my phone, and my computer mouse. I fell at my job within the last 2 months and landed hard on my left knee and hand. I have a sore place that has not gone away, on my left elbow; it kind of feels like the tennis elbow I had on my other elbow. My shoulder has been hurting since then, I thought it would go away, but it hasn't.

With the shoulder pain though I have been experiencing shortness of breath, its like a smothering feeling, and yes I smoke, I have had a cough for awhile too. I am getting worried since my Mother died from a heart attack age 58, and my Father died from a stroke, in his 70's.

Hello Colleen,
Coming from Lexington, I guess it's inevitable that you smoke! Doesn't the whole city?

It will get you eventually, smokers lose 10 years of their lives on average, women even more, but I think this pain in your hands, elbow and shoulder is probably unrelated.

I need more information, Colleen, like what provokes the pain, do you have pain in the neck and such like. Am I right in thinking the numbness in your hands actually began before the fall? Which fingers, that gives a lot of information.

If you raise your hands above your head, hwat happens to the numbness?

When you turn your head and look up, yes, it's stiff but does it radiate to your hand?

Are you experiencing any weakness, mainly in the fingers or triceps muscle? If you prick your fingers, which are numb?

I'd get some xrays and see a local chiropractor.

Dr B

PS. Type stop smoking permanently into the search function at chiropractic help and follow the link. Good luck, it is important. Be the first person in Lexington to quit!

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