severe pains/pulling sensations deep inside pelvic area (and sacrum?)

by julie

severe pains/pulling sensations deep inside pelvic area (and sacrum?)

I had a lot of gynecological issues, stemming from bad endometriosis and ending with total hysterectomy at age 37. I had about 5 endoscopic surgeries prior, then a lot of scar tissue that was excised during hysterectomy, one large one attached to hip bone to center of tummy.

A lot of endometriosis was on the back side of uterus.

NOW, I have a lot of left side pain, and it feels like pulling/tugging deep inside pelvic cavity, and right above my tail bone. I have been diagnosed w/facet syndrome, but steroid injections in those joint did nothing to help, and 2nd one gave me great pain.

Could it be more scar tissue? I've been told that scar tissue doesn't really show up on x-ray or cat scan, etc... I don't know what direction to go, medically? i don't think it's facet...

Hello Julie,
You have one of those conditions, or even two separate problems, that require medical and chiropractic cooperation. Obviously no one is really sure...

I tend to agree with you, it doesn't sound like a lumbar facet syndrome ... the classic examination is the test of Kemp. Does leaning backwards and then to the side provoke your pain. If so, then yes it could be a lumbar facet syndrome.

More likely would be a sacroiliac condition, the joint between the sacrum and ilium (sometimes loosely called the hip bone). It wouldn't be a bad idea to begin the exercises for sacroiliac joint pain ... good exercises to do in any case.

Do you have any pubic bone pain and, if you run your thumb down the inner thigh from the groin, is it exquisitely painful?

Awkward question. Do you have vaginal pain, is sex painful, can you open your legs normally? There's always the possibility of a pudendal nerve injury after so much surgery.

Most likely is a painful myofasciitis of the deep pelvic muscles. They can only be reached rectally. I would suggest you start looking for a female chiropractor who deals with such things. Frankly you're going to have difficulty finding one. And if only a male, obviously take hubby along with you. Most chiropractors frankly won't touch this because of the innuendos of sexual misconduct, although any myofasciitis, even of the deep pelvic muscles, is certainly within the domain of chiropractic care.
Perhaps start with your local Chiropractic Association. Can they recommend anyone?

And of course your problem could be just more scar tissue, and totally out of the chiropractic domain.

I fear I may have just muddied the waters... let me know if I can contribute further.

Dr B

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