Severe neck pain after physio sessions

by Maynard

Car accident whiplash in 1988.

Morning neck stretches north south east & west.
Limited neck rotation to left and right but little pain - for years.

Recent physio to increase rotation range - manipulation of facet joints in cervical spine - now severe pain.

Pain From back of right ear to back of right shoulder
What can be done to eliminate the pain?

Hello Maynard,
You are speaking on a controversial subject; physiotherapists doing cervical manipulation.

In Holland, where I practised for many years, physiotherapists are no longer allowed to do upper cervical manipulation after three patients had strokes. Would you go to a chiropractor to have your appendix out?

It's a skill, and an art, that comes with long years of practice, not after attending a few weekend seminars; enough said.

After a whiplash some 30 years ago you almost certainly have progressive degenerative change in both the facets and even more likely the joints of Luschka, and quite possibly loss of disc space. Hence the progressive stiffness. I expect you've had x-rays; if not that's the place to start.

You make no mention of nerve type pain prior to this manipulation; what is of concern is that now is that the pain down into the back of the shoulder is probably exactly that. If you turn your head to the right, and then look up, what happens? Read more about Spurling's sign.

I think I've made my point; it's now up to you to decide what to do with it.

Dr B

» Severe neck pain after physio sessions

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