by Ahmed

I sprained my lower back 2 weeks before tournament. During the course of the tournament, bruised my hip an pulled my groin. Five days later, there was visible swelling at the base of my Spine and left lower back. I started feeling a sensation at the tip of my penis only when seated, this lasted only for a few days. Thereafter I started feeling tingly sensation in my left thigh then my right thigh but only when seated. This lasted for 3 weeks, thereafter I felt sensation on the outer part of my calf, which cleared after some days. Then after a long walk, I felt tingly sensation at the soul of my feet and toes.

Things are much better now but I'm still wondering what it could have caused it. I visited two dr an they both said it was an irritation.

Hello Ahjmed,
I would agree with your doctors. Irritation most likely of the Femoral nerve from your lower back.

What I'd advise is you visit our lower back exercises page at and do them faithfully every morning before getting out of bed.

It's good that you have recovered, but this problem has a way of coming back. Prevention...

Dr B

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