Roast Vegetables Recipe

A roast vegetables meal is delicious, easy to make and very healthy. If you are concerned about your weight, then cool it overnight in the fridge and then reheat the next day; this allows for retrogradation of the starch; it doesn't give a blood glucose surge but passes through to the colon where it is instead fermented by the microbiota to form health short chain fatty acids.

Dinner for Two

This tasty vegetarian dish can be made in a jiffy but there is a higher energy cost from using the oven. The key is to use it for another roast dish simultaneously. Roast a chicken, bake some fish for its omega 3 health benefits, or make Baba Ghanoush; bake a cake. Dinner for two couldn't be simpler with plenty left over for the rest of the week.

Perhaps the cost of energy isn't a consideration in your country, but of course there is, or at least should be a concern about global warming. Try to use your oven for two consecutive bakings.  Then you'll have more money for taking a much needed holiday, or paying off your mortgage faster than expected.

One other caution; if you suffer from metabolic syndrome, obesity or diabetes, this dish should be used with caution. Roasted vegetables have a much higher glycemic index, so they arouse an insulin response, the fat hormone.

Even though the calories are exactly the same if you boil the vegetables, roasted vegetables are more fattening.

Tofu nutrition

Tofu nutrition is an excellent protein to have with your roast vegetables recipe; it's all about reducing your reliance on red meat.

Tofu and vegetables

Roast Vegetables Recipe

A side dish of tofu nutrition is always a quick, healthy option. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, tofu makes an excellent very simple dish to go with your veges. Tofu is a rich vegetable protein, has zero cholesterol, and makes the ideal protein dish for the person trying to lose weight. It doesn't have much flavour of its own, so with a richly flavoured dish like roast vegetables recipe, you'll acquire the taste.

Most free weight loss programs today stress low carb with higher protein, especially from a vegetable source, and plenty of fruit and veg. And, oddly, adding fat lowers the glycemic index, making it less fattening. Use olive oil preferably. 

A high animal protein diet has been associated with breast and many other cancers.

Your ingredients might include some of the following. 

  1. 2 onions
  2. 1 eggplant
  3. 1 big carrot
  4. 1 sweet pepper
  5. 1 whole corm of garlic
  6. Large handful of chopped parsley
  7. Separately cook three handfuls of whole brown rice

Optional extras: butternut, sweet potatot, courgette, mushrooms; in short, any of your favourite vegetables.

Preparation of your roast vegetables recipe

  • Pour the brown rice* into a pot, I always add a handful of lentil protein when cooming rice, add 2 cups of water, salt and boil gently for 30 minutes.

Or boil for ten minutes and turn off the heat and set aside. Ten minutes before your roast vegtables are ready, quickly bring the rice and lentil mix back to the boil until soft.

Yes, I confess I'm a greenie. I want to leave a planet that's habitable for my children's children. Every little bit of energy saved helps, every tree planted.

These new portable induction cooktop stoves are fantastic; half the electricity in a fraction of the time. 

General muscle weakness is the first sign of a vitamin B1, thiamine deficiency. White rice's real name should be beri beri rice; all the thiamine has been removed in the processing when the germ is removed from the rice grains.

  • Turn the oven to 180 *C.
  • Roughly slice all the vegetables, leaving the garlic cloves whole, layering them in a large oven dish. Smother with a few table spoons of olive oil benefits, perhaps a little butter, salt and pepper. Olive oil benefits

  • Slide your dish into the oven along with whatever else you are cooking. Bake for about 40 minutes, or until tender.
  • Just before it's done, sprinkle with the parsley.
  • Add some olive oil to a pan and when hot slide on the chunks of Tofu. Cook very briefly until brown.
  • Check the rice is done. Baked potatoes are obviously a good alternative as the price of rice rises with global warming.

I make hummus twice a week. Why? Not because it's particularly evocative with the taste buds. With so many of us being overweight, we find ourselves caught in a fix; the best free weight loss programs stress high protein, but high animal protein is beset with many health problems. More breast cancer, raised blood cholesterol, prostrate troubles, stroke and heart disease.

The solution is more vegetable protein in the diet, and hummus is an easy food to make in the home; I eat it every day. Literally. It's number two on the list of superfoods for lowering your cholesterol. Thus it's no surprise that my cholesterol is 160, 4.2, and I love to eat! Number one on the superfood list? Oats. Read at our Quaker Oats Recipes how you can easily incorporate oats too into your diet on a regular basis.


Free weight loss programs

I alluded above to something called Glycemic Index. If you have a weight problem, don't count calories, just learn about the meaning of GI. It'll totally change your approach to successful dieting.

You might well ask, why on a Chiropractic help site? A healthy spine needs a great deal more than treatment for any subluxated joints. It needs a healthy living logo too. That means daily exercise, and the right weight, and the right nutrients.

And less of the wrong nutrients. Research on cadavers proves that there's a strong correlation between lumbar arteries blocked with cholesterol and a long history of backache. So, plenty of what we called phytochemical foods, loaded in this roast vegetables recipes.

But again, if you have a weight problem, you want to keep even healthy roast vegetable recipes for high and holy days. Roasting vegetables raises the glycemic index, making them more fattening; again, at fat to make it less fattening; dinkum.

In any case, so easy to prepare, and so delicious tasting.

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