Right neck shoulder armpit elbow finger painful aches

by Anonymous

Arthritis of the uncinate process affects the nerve root

Arthritis of the uncinate process affects the nerve root

Right neck shoulder armpit elbow finger painful aches are very debilitating.

I know I have arthritis in my neck on the right side. Over the last 5 years pain has been worsening with limited range of motion. If I hand mow the lawn or push a vacuum cleaner then I pay for it greatly later.

I do feel better most days after sleeping, however at first waking up it is stiff an painful. Sometimes I wake and can't get my arm down for a half hour. I've had tendinitis and bursitis in all areas of my right arm and hand through the years. I worked with paper files for years and now am on a computer, both combined to a total of 19 years.

My fingers have felt like achy and larger than actual size. My pinky aches and I have what I call nerve pain on my wrist into thumb and down to pointer finger. My shoulder pain goes up my neck sometimes to my ear and across the collarbone. When I raise my arm overhead it does alleviate very briefly and my shoulder clicks. I must do this every 5 minutes on bad days.

A few months ago when reaching a for the alarm my shoulder clicked and jolted and shifted my whole arm VERY visibly. Now I am unable to move my arm in several directions. I have to help move it sometimes with my left arm. If I lay my hand across my stomach I have to use my left arm to move to a suitable position. Here is another instance, sitting at my desk and reaching in my smock pocket is very stiff and painful. I have to shrug my shoulder up. Shift my body to the right, tuck my elbow in and twist the hand and elbow out to get my hand back out. I could go on, but...

There's plenty of research showing that all of this most likely stems from an irritated nerve, in your case C6, in your neck; I say that because the thumb and index finger is very specific.

Secondly, what you describe is the classic 'shoulder abduction relief' sign; lifting your hand above your head reduces the pain and tingling.

The median nerve, with a lot of C6 supplies large parts of the shoulder, elbow and wrist muscles; that irritation is now giving you signs of a frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome with the puffy fingers. Support for the elbow is very important when using the mouse.

Are you unable to move your right shoulder across your abdomen for example because of pain - it hurts - or because of weakness? You simply can't do it.

If this arthritis is specific to your neck mainly then it's simply an old whiplash injury that wasn't well managed at the time; but if there is inflammation in other joints and muscles, and organs, then it's time to look to your diet. Like that pain in your little finger.

The body is made to move and this degenerative change will progress rapidly if you are sedentary; start gentle exercises for your neck and shoulder, wrist and hands.

Note I said gentle; you're not preparing for the winter Olympics team! It mustn't hurt. If you get too enthusiastic you'll simply make yourself miserable.

This applies on a macro scale; your whole body as in walking and swimming for example; but as chiropractors we believe that's true at a micro level too; that frozen joint in your neck must start moving; or it will soon turn to concrete.

The change to an anti inflammatory diet and shifting from a sedentary lifestyle is profound; look upon it as a journey leading you away from bagels and coffee for breakfast towards prunes, 100% wholemeal bread, colourful salads and fruit and foods like hummus that you may never have heard of; you may have to make them yourself from scratch.

Start with a walk at lunch time, apple in hand.

Good luck, I hope this contributes. A thorough professional exam is called for to confirm this, and look for other causes of your right neck, shoulder, armpit, elbow, and finger painful aches.

Dr B

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Nov 18, 2017
Burning breast inside & out
by: Anonymous

My shoulder pain has gotten better but I still get adjustments to keep from stiffening up. I went Friday 17, 2017. He did this thing on my back that I call the "jack-hammer". Tiny object that makes a clicking noise as it punches. That same night I got home and I started to get a burning sensation on my skin. My back, more like the side where my bra usually sets which is where he did the "jack-hammering". It gradually got worse. Also started burning in my right breast, accompanied by sharp stabbing pains that shoot from my back straight through to my nipple. This is a CONSTANT burning. Feels like I have chemicals burning my skin. It feels like my skin is raw and I can't wear a bra. It hurts every where my bra comes in contact with.

I also have dull aches in between and under, more toward my right shoulder blade. About three years ago I had a breast clip put in. All was good. Was just dense tissue. This burning feeling inside and outside of my breast feels a little better with cold wet rag. Epsom salt soak helps a little. Right now I am highly uncomfortable. Feels like I got kicked under my right shoulder.

I hope it's not shingles; no little lesions along the rib?

I'm not familiar with the jack-hammer, unless it's an activator.

An 'anterior thoracic' adjustment is usually more help for this problem.

Dr B

Aug 20, 2017
Update from X-ray of rat shoulder
by: Anonymous

As you know I've been dealing with this right neck, shoulder, elbow, arm for many years. Thank you so much for your time and help. You are aware that my Rt arm has pretty much been immobile for most of July. My chiropractor has helped some but I finally seen my family doctor. She pegged my AC joint and said POSSIBLY a small rotator tear. Didn't feel there was nerve damage because I passed the strength test with fingers. She sent me for an X-ray. Turns out arthritis in AC joint and calcific tendinitis in my greater tuberous. She said depending on the results if we need an MRI but never ordered it.

While I've got some movement back. I still can't reach my other shoulder without gentle nudging it from the other hand. Still have a great deal of pain trying to position my shoulder and elbow in a compatible way. Pardon me, but if I wake in the wrong position it hurts like HELL if move it down too quickly. Most days I walk around like a body builder only with my arm twisted and palm facing passers by. I have an instant lock up if I twist it and move my arm the wrong way. Ice makes it ache like a toothache but the hot shower loosens it up some. Pain keeps me from reaching around my body front and definitely backwards. I still have a hard time with my britches but I can get it by myself now. However I just don't have the strength to cut cantaloupe and watermelon, that sort of movement. I have been using the elbow brace as instructed, but when I take it off my elbow tingles and the inner part hurts almost as if the vein is pinched.

I am working to change my diet, but after 47 years it is a slow work in progress! I tried fresh pineapple for the arthritis benefits, but I burnt the outer corners of my mouth/lips. So I cut from the rind the following week and my lower lip was tingly and blistered for 2 an a half days. Anyway some folks say it's time to get "THE SHOT". I feel that it's poison and placed in the wrong spot can cause more damage! My family doc said see ortho for precise DX, but I can absolutely refuse the shot as she has done. She ices everything!!!

I've got to do something, I can't live on ibuprofen when it flares up. And I certainly can't sit and do nothing so that it doesn't flare up!!! Thanks again for the help! If you have any more pointers and advice I'd appreciate it much!

47 years of poor nutrition certainly would explain, at least in part, the state of chronic pain you're in. Making the decision that you WILL increase the number of coloured foods in your diet is really not that difficult. Pain you obey! The research shows that seven will reduce all cause of death by a massive 33%. Less inflammation, less pain, and few pills.

It sounds like that calcific tendonitis is causing a frozen shoulder. Using the site search function in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help, gently start the 'frozen shoulder exercises.' Do it slowly and regularly every day.

Remember, pain is your friend; it's telling you all is not well in the state of Denmark; you are right to refuse the shot.

Dr B

Jul 18, 2017
THANKS and additional diet based content
by: Anonymous

Thank you!!! I did find this very helpful! I have been going to a kinesiologist for a while now. He has helped me a lot, but now I have to make the ultimate change. Foods I hate now have to become my friend. I love sweets, carbs, fried and BBQ foods! Pizza is my all time favorite!!!

It has been 10 years (2007) since my gallbladder has been removed. I was started on multizymes which has helped my gut health tremendously, but still not enough without a MAJOR diet change. I used to easily drink half a gallon or more of milk daily, but I have recently developed a milk allergy adding to my misery of what I can and can't eat.

I know I'm not the sickest person out there, but I'm spiraling out of control very quickly. I do have an old neck injury which caused the arthritis, but my diet is certainly worsening the domino affect from there.

About 3-4 years ago I had uveitis in my "GOOD" eye and was tested for autoimmune deficiency, (-). I keep gaining weight and can't exercise because of my shoulder pain and other joint pain. Shoveling in the sugar doesn't help. I have cut back and eat more vegetables, but not enough. I seem to only like what is bad for me. I like all the night shade vegetables.

I'm larger than I've ever been. I used to be 85 pounds (too thin!) I'm ALMOST double that now. I'd be happy if I could just loose 20-30 pounds! I just want to be free of this pain. Thanks again for the help and attached video on the 5 worst foods. It was helpful! Some of which I knew, but I needed the extra boost. Now all I need is a vitamin that will "RESET" my tastebuds!!!

Only you can ring in the changes; "I want to live" and "I'm tired of pain and disability" is what will motivate you; the alternative is too ghastly to contemplate.

It seems we are always looking for the easy way out; there is no such vitamin. The hardest part is to finally actually make the decision to change; after that it comes naturally and fairly easily. Only you can do it.

Perhaps if you were to buy or borrow a walker for a few weeks it would help; disability is far worse than pain.

Good luck.

dr B

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7. My own granddaughter, only 7 is hypermobile giving her pelvic, knee and ankle issues. Xrays show a mildly dysplastic hip. Years ago we would have called it growing pains. She too regularly needs chiropractic care and luckily responds well. Increased range of motion is more difficult than too stiff in my opinion. Our care is for kids too.

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11. Mrs C has been having severe headaches, and taking a lot of analgesics. It's a non complicated upper cervical facet syndrome, and she's doing well.

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