right leg shorter, lower back pain causing tension in back of left leg


Lower back pain which is debilitating at times. I've just learned that my right leg is shorter.

Most pain is on left side lower back with tension down back right leg. Pinching feeling also behind left side back knee at times. Please see 4 mri images.

Do two tests for me please, Charles.

1. Off medication for 24 hours, bend slowly forwards and tell me exactly what you feel, and where.

2. Sit in a kitchen chair and first straighten your right leg parallel to the ground, then slowly flex your head and neck. Repeat with the left leg. Again, report PRECISELY WHAT YOU FEEL.

The scans show possibly small bulges at the lower two levels. More important for me are the clinical findings; bulging discs in normal people are common.

Please write proper grammar; this time I corrected yours, but won't again. Use a computer.

Dr B

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