Poorly managed Perthe's disease

by Harry Osman
(United Kingdom)

I had Perthe's disease at age 7 in my right leg; went through traction, leg lengthening was sorted by 10 years old.

At 13 once again Perthe's disease but in my left leg; because of my age it was more complex resulting in many operations and ending with a fusion to my left hip and a leg shortage of 7 cm.

I'm now 38 had a life of disability, but recently my dream of a hip replacement was crudely denied as after taking all the metal out there won't be enough bone to attach it to and on top of that there is a shadow on my right femur; my back, bottom to neck, and left hip pain is outrageous and knees have had better times; now my thumbs are starting to ache and elbows.

And because Perthe's disease is passed down through the generations I opted to not have kids so all I'm waiting for is to die.

If in doubt get to your doctor with your effected kids and don't delay otherwise they will be bitter and hate the able bodied world.

Hello Harry,
It's a tale of woe, and I fear I have little to contribute, except to say I no of others with the same experience with poorly managed Perthe's disease.

On the other hand there are people with no legs at all who live full and satisfying lives. Don't give up; there is a purpose for you on this planet; find it.

Thinking of you in my prayers and wishing you strength at this time; easier said than done, I know.

Dr B

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