Pinched nerve on R side of neck

by Fran

The godawful snaps started 6-8 months ago. I have been to therapy and it helps. I do exercises every day at home and it helps, but it still seems to be getting worse. I have had 2 snaps so far this week. I hate it even more when it occurs around other people. What exactly can a chiropractor do for that?

I believe the problem comes primarily from my hobby (or insanity) of cross stitching. You should see my walls!

Hello Fran,
Try and describe these "snaps" to me please. Does turning your head, looking up provoke them? Does it radiate down your arm and do you get headaches.

Try and be more specific; lower, mid or upper neck?

Have you had injuries?

You may have to change the way you do your cross stitching; prolonged head and neck flexion is not good for the neck. Or, if your walls are now full, what about a new hobby?

Have you had xrays taken?

Keep to this thread.

Dr B

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