Perthes hip

Perthes hip

We first discovered our son limping when he was about 3 yrs old diagnoses was Perthe's disease. Then we discovered Dr Robert Salter at Toronto's sick kids Hospital and the rest is history, he was the MOST wonderful man.

Innominate osteotomy and a new femur fashioned out of his own pelvis. Now our son is 33 yrs old and is long out of my care! he limps a little and is in discomfort a lot.

He was told he may/ would need to have his hip replaced at about 30 but he won't go and see anyone about it as he no longer has a regular Dr.

Is there anything I can say or do that will make him think about this without being a "Mother".

About a month ago he fell and twisted his knee so I did get him into my sports massage therapist who I have a lot of faith in, he has got him to wear a type of orthotic to help with shorter leg, so he is talking to him about how between himself and our Chiropractor he can help get some mobility back into that hip etc if he lets him and when he is ready, I believe in fate!

So baby steps and fingers crossed

Dear Diane,
You're in a difficult position. There's a lot that could and should be done to his hip, but unless he assumes responsibility himself for his hip, frankly you're wasting your time.

With regular mobilising of the hip, and the sacroiliac joints, and checking to see if the Perthe's has given him a short leg (it probably has), in which case that orthotic in his shoe is vital. Research shows that a short leg in itself leads to a high incidence of hip and knee arthritis, coupled with a history of Perthe's and the arthritis will progress faster than ever.

But how you get that across without being an interfering mother. Dunno! Have to use the feminine charm and intuition that your sex are gifted with! Anyway it's a great first step to have been to a masseur. Good luck, let me know how you get on.

One important thing that you might get across more easily. There is so much research now coming out about the Anti inflammatory effect of omega 3 fatty acids; Freshly ground flax seed, walnuts and fatty fish...

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Dr B

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Feb 21, 2015
by: allan

I have perthes disease and a cyst in the right hip joint. I am in a lot of pain and on loads of pain killers and only 27 what are my options?

Hello Allan,
Do you have the xrays? Could you send me a digital copy to Contact?

Dr B

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