Pains down in my hips lower back and knees and ankles

Pains down in my hips lower back and knees and ankles


I am 30 years old women who has lower back ache, also in my hips knees thighs and ankles

I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now with n o success but have slihlty worn discs on L4/5 and facet joint worn same L4/5 but no nerve damage was seen on mri

would this cause infertility or trouble getting pregnant also is their any back problems that would cause infertility

Hello Josie,
Firstly, I wouldn't recommend falling pregnant at this time, and it would seem that your body instinctively knows that. You would probably have a torrid pregnancy.

When you have generalised pain like this: lower back, hips, knees and ankles (you haven't mentioned, but neck and shoulders too?) you need to be looking at something systemic, affecting your whole body.

Three things come to mind: It's not likely, but I would suggest some blood tests to rule out one of the arthridites, there are over 100 of them.

Secondly, are you getting any exercise? There's heaps of evidence that people who sit behind the computer all day, in the car, TV... become stiff and arthritic. In particular, I'd strongly recommend a set of lower back exercises done faithfully every morning before getting out of bed. These Lower back exercises take less than two minutes. EVERY morning, nights too.

Thirdly, overweight women have far more difficulty falling pregnant, and have hip, knee and foot pain. Your weight okay? Our Free weight loss programs make it easIER. It's never easy, but vital.

Lie on your back, and pull each hip to the chest, then towards the opposite shoulder. Now rotate the hip. Any pain in the groin or side of the hip?

As you can see, I'm fishing. I've really no idea, but it's time for a good chiropractic examination to find out if you have a hip condition, subluxations in knees and ankles. We already know you have lower back subluxations.

Fixations in joints, reduced movement, has been clearly shown by physiologists to cause what is known as Immobilisation Arthritis and at the tender age of thirty you are already showing signs. Those joints must move.

Lastly, a big one. Generalised inflammation in the body like you seem to have suggests that your diet is not what it should be. Extra Virgin olive oil has low levels of anti inflammatory substance called oleocanthal. Eat it daily.

Likewise the ratio of omega 6 / to omega 3 fatty acids in the diet is supremely important. If you have too many of the former (in seed oils) and too little of the latter (in fish oil and freshly ground flax seed) then you will have generalised inflammation and pain in all your joints. Worse in years to come in the blood vessel lining too. Read more about omega 3 fatty acids. Your five coloured foods per day? Fruit, salad...?

Yes, I'm making lots of long-shot assumptions. I may be quite off beam. But if I am... do these things, before falling pregnant.

There is anecdotal evidence that subluxations in the spine can cause infertility, and every chiropractor has yarns about how he or she made a woman pregnant...! You may be one, but of course there are many causes.

Find a good chiropractor is your next stop.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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