Pain shooting down leg with a tight groin

Patrick's Faber test

Patrick's Faber test

Pain shooting down leg with a tight groin needs further investigation.

I am a 20 year old female studying musical theatre, so I do a lot of dancing and exercise. Sometimes when I'm stretching, sitting or even laying down, I get a shooting pain going from my lower back into my left leg down to the knee. The pain however goes if I slightly twist or sometimes stay in the position until something clicks. As soon as I hear a click the pain goes. Can you please help me by telling me what it is?

My back has also been clicking an awful lot recently and I've had a tight groin.

Hello Becca,
Is that shooting pain down the front or the back of the thigh?

Sitting in a kitchen chair, have someone lift your right foot so the leg is parallel to the ground. Now slowly flex your head onto your chest. Repeat with the naughty leg; what's the difference?

Using a little oil, run your thumb from the iliac crest down through your groin and down the inner thigh. Is the left much more tender than the right?

Lying on a bed, put your leg into Patrick's Faber position. Again, is the left much tighter?

Dr B

» Pain shooting down leg with a tight groin

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