Pain in upper left leg

by June
(New York)

Lighten up as you cross the femoral artery and nerve.

Lighten up as you cross the femoral artery and nerve.

It started about two months ago. All of a sudden crossing my left ankle over my right knee is extremely painful at the top of my left leg.

I exercise daily and have always been able to place the soles of my feet together in a sitting position with no problem. If I push on the pain I can feel a (muscle or ligament) which is painful to touch. I keep stretching it but it's not getting better? Not sure where to go for this?


Hello June,
This almost certainly has to do with the hip joint, or one of the muscles in the thigh.

Firstly, I'd back on any exercises that provoke the pain.

And secondly, start doing some daily exercises for the hip. Lying on your back, pull your knee to the chest, rotate the hip in both directions staying in the painfree zone.

Then, more difficult, stand next to your bed, place your knee and lower leg on the bed, and lean forwards on your right leg, stretching the muscles and capsule in the front of your left thigh.

If none of this helps within a week or two, then I'd get an x-ray of your pelvis.

Has it caused any lower back or buttock pain?

Using a little oil, run your thumb from the ASIS through the groin and down your inner thigh. It may be very painful.

Dr B

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