Pain in the lower leg and numb toes

by Sunny Kanwar
(Regina, SK Canada)

I think injured my back last year at the gym. I said I think because when you hurt yourself you know right away but in my case I did not feel any pain or anything.

Couple days later after leg day I couldn't move. I left it untreated. I'm still waiting to hear from a orthopaedic surgeon. They've done my xrays and said they're normal. However I still have a lot of pain. I'm thinking this pain is coming from hypolordosis of my lower back because I used to hold it inwards so that my butt would look bigger. I don't know what do to. Every time I do a pelvic tilt my tingling in my toes stops. Help please!

Hello Sunny,
Which toes are numb?

Bend slowly forwards, then backwards and then to the side and tell me EXACTLY what you feel.

Then, sitting in kitchen chair, straighten first your right leg parallel to the ground; lower the leg and now straighten your naughty leg.

Again, tell me exactly what happens. Please answer from a computer, not a cellphone.

Dr B

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