Pain in the leg

by Engjellushe Icka
(Pogradec, Albania)

Pain in the leg

Dear sir/madame
Thank you for giving us this option to share our problems with you!
My mother is 72 years old 58 cm tall and 80 kg. She complained since several years from the back pain and legs pain when she walks after half an hour or so. Recently she started to have stronger pain and she can not walk longer than 5 minutes because she can not bear the pain in the leg and hips. She walks bending like a boat in the high waves.
Yesterday she had an examination to the back with the Magenetic Resonance. I am writing down the examination results (the ones that show problems)
-Discal hernia minimal foraminal sinister L3-4
-Discal prolabation posteromedian L3-4; L4-5
-Discal prolabation posterolateral dexter L1-2

The doctors said that she should have the surgery absolutely. Please advise!

Thank you

[Hello Engi,
Thank you for your enquiry, and congratulations on your written English which is a great deal better than many writers from English speaking countries. Only her height? 58 cm?!!!

The big question is whether the conditions in her spine are actually the ones causing her pain, and inability to walk.

For example, an arthritic hip could cause similar pains, as could a sacro-iliac condition. What's needed is a careful and thorough examination.

And that she's probably had, and your doctors are probably right.

Chiropractors do treat conditions like this, but it depends on the severity of the arthritis in her back, and how large those prolabations are. Prolapse in English.

However, her condition is obviously worsening, and despite the risks, and no knowledge at all concerning how good your neurosurgeons are, she may have no option but to go for surgery.

Has she been for physiotherapy? An exercise class? I've no idea whether there are chiropractors in Albania or not.

Use this Search this site … function for exercises she could do at home.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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