Pain in legs and feet and numbness in feet when I sit more than a few minutes in one spot or on a hard surface

by Candy Pert
(Lake City, Florida)

Better health is like a maze when you have pain in the legs and feet.

Better health is like a maze when you have pain in the legs and feet.

I have a herniated disc and spinal stenosis at L 4/5. I have RA in my entire spine from the cervical to the S1. I had a laminectomy at L 4/5 in 2009 and a laminectomy at S1 in 2010 because a piece of chipped off ad pinned the nerves. They did a nerve conduction study on my legs which showed moderate to severe nerve damage.

I recently had an MRI on the cervical area but have not gotten the results yet. Pain management just wants to give me epidural injections. I told them I would have radio wave injections but refused steroid injections. I've had several over the years and they do nothing.

I have terrible migraines due to my neck. I have pain and weakness in my legs and groin area. I trust my neurosurgeon who did my other two surgeries but he is in Nashville and I am now in Lake City, Florida. I do not trust most the doctors in this town. I haven't seen too many good ones yet.

I am at a loss. I don't know what to do. This has really affected my life. I am 65 and used to do everything myself. Now I can't keep up the house. Cooking, which I loved, and only from scratch, is now whatever I can throw together. I really need help.

Hello Candy,
It is indeed a heart rendering story, and brings you to a crossroads. There are no easy solutions.

You make no mention of chiropractic in the past, so it seems you have been thoroughly stuck in the medical mode of treatment which has led you to this point. Of course, I can't promise you it would be any different if you had consulted chiropractors.

It seems to me you have two options. Return to Nashville to the surgeon you trust, or branch out in a completely different direction.

All I can point do is point you to a radical change of diet to what we call anti inflammatory foods; you make no mention of what you eat, perhaps because you are already on an exceptional foods, or more likely you didn't realise it was important and could dramatically affect your overall health, including your spine. What's your weight like, by the way?

And secondly, you make no mention of exercise; have you ever been advised to consistently go on a simple regimen of back rehab, and overall increase in movement such as swimming, walking and cycling?

Humans were designed to move and our sedentary lifestyle contributes greatly to our malaise.

I'm not sure that chiropractic can help you at this stage; certainly frank manipulation would entail some risk, but in the hands of an experienced and thorough chiropractor it should be considered.

But chiropractic these days has many other options of treatment that have a lower risk profile.

I have no idea of your overall lifestyle, but I suspect that behind all this misery there are large gaps that have been demanding attention for years; am I right?

This is all very general; I hope it's given you some food for thought.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


» Pain in legs and feet and numbness in feet when I sit more than a few minutes in one spot or on a hard surface

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