Pain in left leg down to my toes

If someone else raises your leg parallel to the ground is the leg very tight?

If someone else raises your leg parallel to the ground is the leg very tight?

I have three bulging and deteriorated discs in my mid upper back as well as two in my lower spine.

I can bend forward but I can't arch backward, twist to my sides nor bend side to side without great pain and discomfort in my upper back; causes so much pain into my ribs.

When it goes down your leg, and especially to the foot, you must take it seriously. Otherwise numbness and, worse, weakness develop. Can you raise your big toe and stand on your heel?

Start doing our lower back exercises faithfully every morning before getting out of bed; find them in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help. Be gentle when going into extension; there is probably degenerative change in the facet joints and they are very close to the emerging nerves that go down your leg.

It frequently progresses up the spine as well as down the leg.

Follow the basic rules; sit less, bend very carefully or not at all, don't lift heavy stuff and try not to sneeze or cough.

Generally if it goes down the leg I strongly recommend professional advice; this is the kind of problem that I see every single day at the chiropractic coalface, but I've learned never to take it casually; it can bite, and the surgeon is waiting in the wings.

Dr B

» Pain in left leg down to my toes

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