Pain in facets

by Liam

i'm a 18 year old male i damaged my back squatting and it went undiagnosed for 2 years. I'm seeing a chiropractor who does adjustments and he has said i have facet joint pain in the bottom 4-5 facets he also said the bottom 3 arent moving that well which means i was struggling to bend. his taken an x-ray and says the facets are damaged. his given me the knees to chest and rotations in lying to get the facet moving more. ive been doing this for 6 weeks with no improvements

my question is do you think in a couple of months time i should make a full recovery?

Hello Liam,
Fraid not. If you've had pain for two years, and it's not improving with your current chiropractic regimen, then it's not likely to improve on its own.

If the injury was with doing squats (did you have a belt on?) then the culprit is more likely to be a disc than a facet. Do you get forward bending pain, or extension pain? Does it ever hurt if you cough or sneeze? Is the Slump Test positive (use the Search this site function at C-H)?

Time to tell your chiropractor straight: I'm not improving. S/he needs to evaluate the treatment, the diagnosis and your progress. If you don't get a sympathetic, caring ear, perhaps time to change your chiropractor.

Good luck, you're on difficult territory.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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Aug 13, 2012
more info
by: Liam

Sorry i forgot to mention i have only been seeing the chiropractor for 6 weeks but i have had the facet issue for 2 years this is why i needed to see a chiropractor.

Yes i was wearing a belt (thank god) while i was squatting 80kg the injury came on the last reps and i went into excessive hyperextension.

The pain gets worse when i hyperextend the back but exercises like back extensions on a swiss ball dont hurt at all.

His given me the birddog exercise to do on a swiss ball but my left glute doesnt activate so i asked my chiro why that is and he said it has something to do with the si that even possible?

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

Do that Slump Test, Liam.
Let me know.
Dr. Barrie Lewis

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