Pain down my L glute area all the way down to my ankle.

by Bonnie
(Sherida, WY USA)

Have you at any stage gone crooked like this?

Have you at any stage gone crooked like this?

» Pain down my L glute area all the way down to my ankle.

For the past 3 months I have been experiencing severe pain in my left side. It starts at the base of my buttock and is very severe around the back of the leg (hamstring area). It goes away for the most part during the day, and I'm able to get to sleep, but when I get up in the middle of the night and come back to bed it starts. It has gotten so severe at times I am dragging my leg as I can't lift it because it hurts too much. I have had acupuncture 3 times, 2 deep tissue massages and yesterday a visit to a chiropractor.

I have been told by everyone it was sciatica until yesterday, the chiropractor told me my pubic bone was out of place and she worked on that, she said I should have no pain this morning because she just knew that would fix it.

Guess what, I was in such severe pain again I was an hour late for work because I couldn't sit, stand, or lay to get any relief. I am beyond frustrated with all of the pain; most mornings it is so intense I just break down and cry because I can't get any relief.

It now radiates up into my lower back, across the left buttock, and hamstring area, and is down the outside of my left calf area all the way to the top of the foot, once it backs off for the day I can "get around" without too much discomfort, but the longer it goes on the less that seems to happen. Can a pubic bone being out of place cause this kind of pain down the sciatic nerve? Should I go back for the follow up appointment I have with the chiropractor tomorrow or do I need x-rays and maybe an orthopedic diagnosis?? I am beyond frustration with this and can't take much more. Help.

Hello Bonnie,
It's not surprising that you are frustrated; this has gone on far too long.

There are some simple tests you can do at home that will confirm whether it's sciatica or not.

1. On no painkillers, bend very slowly forwards, backwards, and to the side. Gently, because this can aggravate the condition. What happens? Tell me exactly.

2. Go the search this site function at Chiropractic Help and type in the words Slump Tests for Sciatica. Sit on a kitchen chair, and ask hubby to lift first the right leg, lower, and then the left leg. What happens. Exactly.

3. Ask him to prick your legs. Is there a difference, and where. Exactly.

4. Type Leg Pain Muscle Testing into that Search function. Do the tests. Is there any weakness?

Frankly, I too have my doubts about the pubic bone story.

Let me know. Be precise please.

Dr B

» Pain down my L glute area all the way down to my ankle.

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