PAIN AND TINGLING IN FEET AND LEGS and toes from spondylolysthesis


I have nerve pain/numbness in both legs and toes. I was diagnosed with spondylothesis of L3/L4 by spine specialist and put on nerve pain meds and got steroid epidural of right leg since that one was the worst. It took the edge off and now have no numbness in buttocks but still have nerve tightness in upper right thigh and a little in the right foot. Left leg is the worst and have tightness in bottom of left foot. Should I see a chiro and will it help? Should I get another epidural? I do physical therapy and swim for therapy as well. I would like to manage the nerve tightness so that it goes away.

The first thing to be certain of is that your symptoms are coming from the spondylolysthesis. Sometimes it's an "incidental finding" and not the cause of your pain.

For example, the tightness under your left foot is probably not coming from the spondylolysthesis. Only a very careful and thorough examination of the feet, hips, sacroiliac joints, L4 and L5 and in fact the levels above the spondylo can answer this. They may well be more than one problem level, causing some of your symptoms, but not others.

A major decompression of your back is probably waiting in the wings, and perhaps it can't be avoided, but I would certainly see a respected and thorough chiropractor first.

Every chiropractor treats cases of spondylo fairly regular, see but where it's causing pain and tingling in feet and legs it's obviously not going to be straightforward whichever route you take.

Are you doing some disciplined gentle exercises EVERY DAY...?

Then rule out plantar myofascitis in your feet.

Use the Search this site on the Navigation bar for more info on foot pain and spondylolysthesis.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

> > PAIN AND TINGLING IN FEET AND LEGS and toes from spondylolysthesis

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