Numbness in outer toes.

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» Numbness in outer toes


I've suffered with low back pain for 2 - 3 months, I recently did a long bike ride with a couple of big hills and my right leg went stiff 10 - 20 mins after the ride.

I had to lay down and had really painful back ache during the night on the right hand side, I could sleep of role onto my side without an immense amount of pain.

I got up in the morning and the back was still really bad but my calf muscle on the right leg was solid, and thigh hamstring sore.

After walking and loosening the leg up the back pain became a lot less painful. Although I started getting pins and needles and numbness in the foot later on in the day and I still have the numbness on the outside three toes on the right foot.

I've been examined by a doctor and Physio, who both think I've a Sciatic / slight slipped disc.

I have no actual pain from the lower back, although after the Physio tests of standing on my right foot (Which is heavly weakened on the thigh and calf), I have occasional pain when walking and standing for a while.

I'm taking it easy and hoping with rest I can start some basic yoga type stretches.

But I'm now starting to get a numbness on the outside of the right hand, my little finger and the two adjacent fingers.

Any advise would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

Hello James,
A not so small slipped disc I fear if your leg has gone weak. Can you raise your big toe, and then stand on your toes and raise your heel?

The classic test is called the Slump test for sciatica. You can find it using the search function in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

This is a serious problem, James. Treat it seriously and you'll get better, but take a casual approach and you'll end up under the knife.

Ask for some gentle exercises you can do at home, sit less, and don't bend.

If it's not improving in a few weeks insist on an MRI.


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