Numbness in left outer calf and foot with pain in right groin, hip and buttock

by Becky


»Numbness in left outer calf and foot with pain in right groin, hip and buttock

I am a 56 year old female. One month post lumbar laminectomy, decompression in lumbar spine, levels L3,L4,L5. Surgery was performed due to severe weakness and pain in right leg and back.

I had multiple falls and a few episodes of incontinence.

After surgery I developed issues with the opposite leg. Foot drop, numbness, pain as well as pain in right hip, leg. Very difficult to walk up stairs. Often use cane.

Hello Becky,
It's called iatrogenic, or doctor-caused disease, the third most common illness on earth. It's not at all uncommon in Medicine, usually in relation to medication, and occurs in chiropractic too, though very rarely as seriously as this.

You don't actually ask a question, and I'm not sure I would have an answer in any case. What's not clear is how long ago this happened.

My best thought, and it's impertinent really, not having all the details at hand, is to ask your doctor what exercises you could do. Could you for example visit a heated pool daily for half an hour to do backstroke? Could you do the basic lumbar exercises that you will find at Chiropractic Help? Would a short daily walk on the flat be advisable?

And then be really careful for a couple months. You don't need any more falls. No vacuum cleaner and try and sit less. If weight is a problem deal with it.

Chiropractors use various traction treatments that might be helpful, but I wouldn't recommend that for at least three months post surgery, unless referred by the surgeon.

I take it the groin pain started after the surgery and thus is most unlikely to be an arthritic hip. Most likely they nicked one of the slips of the femoral nerve that supply that area.

I'm sorry, I have little to contribute. Surgery is risky stuff at the best of times, and luckily the anaesthetic hasn't affected your mind.

Dr B


»Numbness in left outer calf and foot with pain in right groin, hip and buttock

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