New inner knee pains

Recently experiencing inner hamstring tightness. Unable to abduct right leg without pain. Knee pain along inner aspect. Unable to bend knee . H/o of piriformis injury and chronic tightness on same side. Is this all related and if so what can I do? I hear a clicking sound when I extend my right leg along the lumbar sacral area, need advice. Already do yoga and pilates. Can u help? Knee was x-rayed and was "normal".

I take it you have some medical background as you use terms not commonly in vogue amongst the general populace. So I'll answer in kind.

Yes, this is complex, so let's summarise:
* Knee X-rays are normal, but despite this, you can't bend your knee. Is that because of weakness or pain? Something doesn't add up???

* Unable to abduct the leg without pain. Where is the pain? In the knee? In the hip? In the large muscle above the hip, the TFL? The ITB? In the piriformis? In the groin? Any adductor pain / inner hamstring pain on resisted isometric contraction?

* Medial knee pain, tight inner hamstring muscles.
Well, that's to be expected if you can't bend the knee, but there are any number of causes.

* Extension of the hip causes a click in the lower back, more likely in the sacro-iliac joint. History of pain in the buttock. Probably a SIJ or facet joint lesion.

* Able to do Pilates and Yoga despite these difficulties. Um....

Only a careful, thorough history and clinical exam will piece together the pieces of your puzzle. See your local chiropractor, and take your X-rays with you. Make a list of the failed medical treatment you have had.

The biggie: why can't you bend your knee?

I hope this has contributed.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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