my liver and some other organs stick out of my side under my ribs

In 2001 I had my right kidney removed. Long horizontal scar from right side to back, with half the lower rib removed. In 2013 I suddenly had pain in my right side so severe that I could hardly breathe when it came, which was intermittent. Got an MRI that showed a previous and untreated hernia, but that was only a couple inches, and this was way more painful. Surgeon said it sometimes happens that the muscles cut from a surgery will separate later, and there's nothing they can do about it because

there is nothing to attach anything to except the spine, and that would be a much more debilitating thing.
So... here I am, in anatomical position, straight on the left side and balloons sticking out about 4-6 inches, sorry, 13-15cm on my right side and also in back. I've asked doctors and sports trainers what exercises I can do or anything I can do to help those muscles to grow or get stronger or something, but nobody knows. I read your site and saw your offer to check out unsolved problems as a chiropractor. I know this doesn't exactly qualify, but who knows, you might have heard something or know somebody who does what you do only for people with guts extruding. Thanks for reading, and my complements on all your good work for your fellow man. If you have no answer, that's ok, just thought I'd ask. And hey~ at least I didn't die of renal cancer.~Lee

(sorry, I don't know how this works. Do you answer? If so, how, since you don't know my email address? If this just gets posted... I hope not, I'm just asking you, the experienced one, if you have anything for me. Maybe you ask my email on the review page. I'll check it out.)(I don't remember giving my email address. There's no place here to do so. Honest, I didn't hack your site, I don't know how. Oh, well... I'll keep clicking onward and see if it ever asks me who I am....)

Hello Lee,
My only thought is whether this could be rib related; every breath involves movement of the ribs and diaphragm and, if breathing caused sharp pain, as a chiropractor I would examine the joints between the ribs and your spine.

I'm not sure if you can lie on your tum but, if you can, ask she who must be obeyed to press bilaterally just lateral to the spine whilst you inhale deeply. If there is sharp pain over the rib - spine joint - actually there are three, then I'd recommend you see your local chiropractor.

I hope this contributes. Less us know.

Dr B

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