My left arm and hand tingles

by Claire
(North Haven, CT)

I recently started making jewelry. I had a stiff neck for a week and then my arm started pins and needles and traveled into my hand. I went to my medical doctor who ruled out heart attack. I then saw my chiropractor for a week and a half. Relief was given and now use a stand for ipad and box at eye level height to make jewelry.

Today however the tingling has returned. I also do craft fairs where I need to put up a tent and set up tables. Are there any exercises I can do to relieve the ache and tingling. The ache in upper arm and elbow is brutal at night. My medical dr recommended Advil every 4 hours which relieves it somewhat but am concerned that too much Advil is not a good thing. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hello Claire,
Your posture obviously has something to do with this, but this must also be an underlying problem that your posture is aggravating.

Have x-rays been taken? If not, this is the time, including "obliques".

There are two little tests you can do. The first is to turn your head to that side, and then look up. What happens?

The second is called the upper limb tension test. using the Search function at C-H you'll find the test; do it and let me know.

This condition, called a brachial neuralgia, is often worse at night and, as you say, can be brutal; take it seriously.

It's good that chiropractic has helped and you must continue with the treatment; sometimes I find it best not to have too many manipulations too close together, but that's very patient dependent. Just a thought. Talk to your chiro about it.

Type Stiff neck exercises into that Search function, but I'd ask your chiro about them first.

Avoid carrying heavy things with that arm.

Dr B

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