Midback pain radiating to the chest

by Hanan ihsan


I got pain in my upper back; it comes from back to my chest.

All my ultrasound tests are clear; blood tests are clear.

I got this pain only in the foreplay of sex and in smoke; can you got guide me which type of pain it is?

Hello Hanan,
Men in particular often get pain in the back after sex; it comes from holding the body in slight extension and often with your body twisted.

An important of foreplay should be some simple warm up exercises, just as if you are off to play cricket or squash. Sex is after all, amongst other things, exercise.

It sounds like it's affecting a rib head where it attaches to your spine, and radiating along the rib to the chest. It could be setting up a condition called Tietzes syndrome which affects the rib breastbone joint. You'll need to find someone who does manipulation of the back.

Of concern is the smoking connection. It will cut ten years or more off your life; is your body telling you it's time to quit? Have you had a chest xray?

Dr B

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