mid back

hi hope you can help

i have been having middle back pain on and off for about 4/5 years now
I'm 41 and had three RTA in the last 12 years, and suffer from wry neck, I had an MRI, one in sept 2013, and it said minor spondylitis, but thoracic was ok.

Now within the last two months I keep having back spasm and my mid back stiffens up and when I'm sitting my mid back aches; I'm ok when walking about.

I've started chiro treaments again and have had two so far with a treatment plan of about 12 in total.

Can I swim? I love swimming but scared if my back locks up or goes into spasm while swimming, I think all this may have been brought on when I was lifting some boxes about two months ago I've never had it this bad; any suggestions?

Hello Healy,
These are really questions you should be addressing to your chiropractor, who has the opporunity to examine you and see the MRI, but yes, I think you could probably swim. Start with back stroke, using your arms at the side, and gradually increase and change to other strokes.

Dr B

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