Lower Spine Pain

by Luis
(El Paso, TX)

At football practice we had a scrimmage and on a play I jumped to catch a ball and got hit in the lower spine area. It felt like I hyperextended my back since I was in the air and the defender hit my back causing it to hyperextend.

It was an awful pain but I continued to play for 4 more plays. I got in a cobra stretch in my lower spine popped and it is an awful pain every time i curve my spine forward; it pops and comes with pain. I can bend down and touch my toes and it feels fine. I don't know whats wrong, hopefully you can tell me what this condition is and what can do to get rid of the pain and get back on the field.

Hello Luis,
There are any number of possibilities from a stress fracture to a facet joint subluxation.

It's unlikely there is a disc injury since you can touch your toes without pain. I would presume that bending backwards hurts.

It's dangerous for me to speculate with so little information, but you probably have a facet joint impingement. Don't do cobras. This condition usually responds quite quickly to chiropractic care.

Dr B

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