lower back

by mayank
(dehardun india)

I'm 20 years old and have been suffering with lower back pain for 1 year.

I feel clicking noises in my back and pain when I bend a little backwards. I have taken many tablets for muscle spasm, nerve damage, calcium deficiency but it's still hurting.

It starts with back bend exercise when I bend it forcefully; now pain is low. 1 year is long period; what I do now?

Hello Mayank,
It's difficult because there are very few chiropractors in India.

I would recommend you begin with some gentle lower back exerises, done faithfully every morning before arising from bed. The rule is, they should not hurt, so don't force it.

You'll find them at Chiropractic Help in the navigation bar on the left. Start gently; you aren't aiming for the next Indian Olympic team! Remember, they shouldn't cause pain.

They take less than two minutes; do them several times a day.

Alternating ice packs and heat will help with the pain, and have no side effects like medicines.

Sit less, choose your chairs carefully, and don't bend too much; rather go down on one knee if you need to pick something up on the floor.

Really what's needed is an x-ray and a careful and thorough examination.

Dr B

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