Lower Back Pain for some time

by Prabu
(Irving , Texas l)

Lower Back Pain for some time

I am having low back pain for quite so time and 2 weeks back got aggravated with inflammation on my middle back muscles. Did my MRI and ortho suggested to go for epidural steroid injection. Would like to visit chiro.

Hello Prabu,
Are you doing any specific back exercises? That's always the place to start in my book; you find them in the navigation bar on your left. Do them every morning before getting out of bed.

Do you ever stand like the Leaning tower of Pisa? Then it always goes up into the midback muscles and, if you're not careful, down your leg.

Start looking for a good chiropractor. Talk to friends and family and your doctor.

You've been getting warnings that this is not good; pain we obey, or should. Do something before the surgeon takes up the knife.

Dr B

» Lower Back Pain for some time

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