Low back and leg pains both legs (also muscular spams outer legs

by Nicolas
(Centurion, South Afrca)

Good morning

Kindly assist because I am totally stressed out.

It is now nearly a year that I suffer from more mild back pain but severe spasms/cramps coming down from inside my bums down in both legs.

The back pain getting better by the day.

No problem when I am sitting down or when I sleep. Especially during the morning when I stand up. It's getting better during the day but it can take me any time during the day time when I stand up from my chair or leave my car.

Is there possible treatment options that I can try because at this point in time I am to scared for any surgery.

Please advise me.

Hello Nicolas,
First, before talking of treatment, we need a diagnosis. It's not clear from what you tell me what the cause of your pain is.

For example spasms in the legs need to be neurologically investigated; are the reflexes increase?

Pain in both legs is always a worry.

I would recommend a visit to your doctor, a thorough examination and x-ray of your back to begin with.

Dr B

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