Love your recipes (and cross-promotion idea)


My name is Helen Nichols, I am the editor in chief at Well-Being Secrets (

I am a huge fan of your blog, and I constantly try cooking your recipes. Not that they always end up as good as your pictures :), but they are very good in spite of my cooking skills.

I've recently tried this recipe with eggplant, and I loved it a lot. I think eggplants are one of the best superfoods out there.

I have a cross-promotion proposition for you. Would you be interested in me sharing your recipe to 55,000 of my facebook followers and linking to it from my "Favorite Eggplant Recipes" page ? If you are, then I'm sure we can help each other out. :)

I've recently written a huge 7,000 words article about all Science-Backed Health Benefits of Eggplant, 27 in total :). Here is a link I am a little biased, but I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else.

I think if you'll mention my article in your recipe, your readers will be more likely to try it out. Also, I will promote your recipe to my facebook followers AND will include a link to it from my "Favorite Eggplant Recipes" round up post.

Let me know what you think and thank you for your consideration! :)

Keep up the great work!

Helen Nichols,
Editor in Chief
Well-Being Secrets

If you don't want to receive emails like this from me, please let me know here.

Hello Helen,
I can do better than that. I've perused your site, love it and have added two incoming links from my sites. We could add more if you like.

I can't begin to imagine 55,000 FB followers, I have zero!, but I really would like links back to my sites; that counts hugely with Googs.

One small things: the 'search the site' at your site doesn't work too well. Try typing 'favorite eggplant recipes' into it.

Dr B

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