leg pain not helped by operation

The sign of Pisa

The sign of Pisa

leg pain not helped by operation


I'm 46 years old relatively healthy and not over weight; I recently had a discectomy on 04/12/2014 on my S1 L5 for a bulging disc, I thought I was on the road to recovery only to find after 3 days the leg pain returned and I had a recurring disc, I need another operation or injection, which I decided to try and was due to have in 1 week's time

I been having physiotherapy and have just been referred to hydrotherapy sessions as physiotherapy wasn't working for me; upon having my hydrotherapy session the following day I am now experiencing severe leg pain again, with pins and needles, I am leaning towards the painful side and unable to walk for more than five minutes without having unbearable pain, like I was before the operation.

I really don't know what to do anymore I have been like this for 9 months

any help will do

thank you

Hello Elaine,
Yes, it's distressing,but concentrate on the future rather than the past which is set in concrete.

Firstly, you are in what we call an antalgic posture, also known as the sign of Pisa. If you are leaning towards the painful side then it is what we call a medial presentation.

This is the deceitful kind; it responds very quickly to treatment, but returns just as rapidly if you don't strictly follow the guidelines.

Firstly, in book, the antalgic must go to bed and get what I call massaging bed rest; use the search function to find the page at Chiropractic Help. In essence bed rest with exercises done every half an hour, ice and get up every hour during the day and take a short walk around the house. It's controversial, and you'll find others disagree.

Secondly, I'd insist on another MRI. It's possible the operation was done on the wrong level, or you have another and new injury; that's unlikely unless you have done something very silly so soon after the operation.

Thirdly, follow our slipped disc rules to the letter.

Now for the difficult part; you have to decide which route you're going to go for treatment. Obviously I'm for chiropractic care but that's your decision.

If you decide you want to consult a chiropractor, start doing your homework; talk to friends and family, and your doctor and find someone who is experienced and thorough. This isn't going to be straight forward.

I hope this contributes; let me know how you get on in a month or so.

Dr B

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