Left side low back/upper glute pain

by Jim

I was squatting a month ago and while i was going through the eccentric phase, my back was in excruciating pain, it hurt right away. I got an MRI and it was not a slipped disc, but i have trouble bringing my knees to my chest, and bending over, and i play football, and when we have to do bear crawl drills, that hurts extremely bad as well, its the being bent over to exploding up to sprint phase when it hurts. I was hoping that you could give me an idea of what is wrong with my back.

Hello Jim,
Just like you get a progression of I. A cold II. bronchitis III Pleurisy IV Pneumonia, so one has a progression of
I. Lower back pain only
II. LBP and Leg pain
III. LBP and leg pain and numness and weakness
IV. Minimal LBP, leg on fire (the true slipped disc)

Grade I is often not visible on scans. But you have the typical signs of a disc injury.

Go to C-H and type in Slump Test into the Search this site function. Let me know what happens.

Have you had any suggestion of pain with coughing, sneezing, laughing and bearing down on the WC?

Lying on your side, have someone press on the bumps that stick out of your spine, and try and locate the pain, counting from L5 at the bottom.

I suggest you start the Lower Back Exercises at Chiropractic Help. And lay off the weights and sports until this resolves. Otherwise I > II > III> IV > surgery!

Let me know what happens to Slump

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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Aug 12, 2012
slump test
by: JIM

I did the slump test and it hurts in my upper glute. I went to a doctor and a PT and they both think its a muscle strain, that was before the MRI, but i still do have pain. When i get warmed up really well, the pain becomes minimal. I just dont know how to treat this because the football season is very long.

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

Hello Jim,
Sorry to be rude, but your doc and the PT didn't major in orthopaedics. The positive Slump Test, luckily in your glute area and not down the leg, strongly suggests this is not a muscle strain.

Look for an experienced chiro in your area. Talk to friends and family, asking for a name...

Meantime, keep up those exercises faithfully. Alas, I suspect you will have to lay off the football (soccer?) for a period.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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