Left groin, pubic bone and leg pain

by Rebekah
(London )

Left groin, pubic bone and leg pain with a popping sound is suggestive of hip dysplasia.

I have been having pain for around a year or so now but it has recently gotten worse in the top left of my leg, hip, groin, left bum cheek and most concerning my pubic bone. Almost painful just to touch.

I had a problem with my right knee for the past two years which has now kind of cleared up but it still present just less noticeable. It became difficult to walk on my right leg thus a possible change of gait leading to this issue.

Only really feel it when lying down or sitting. No other symptoms. I'm 21 year old female. Left hip pops loudly when crossing leg etc. Any likely causes?

Doctors say sciatica but not sure it would cause inner groin and pubic pain? I work 10 hours a week and rarely do anything other than go out at the weekend. Any suggestions?

Hello Rebekah,
Yes, I do. Get an x-ray taken of your pelvis, preferably taken standing. You are almost certainly suffering from hip dysplasia.

Which part of your leg is affected? Front, side or back? I doubt this is sciatica, though you can have two separate conditions. Then, sitting and straightening your left leg parallel to the ground would cause pain at the back of the thigh and probably calf too. If you bend slowly straight forwards, what do you feel?

Do you have a family history of hip troubles? Has granny had a hip replacement, or walking early than expected with a stick?

If you are able, send me a copy of the x-ray.

First a diagnosis, then we can talk about about treatment.

Dr B

» Left groin, pubic bone and leg pain

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