L4 L5 & S1 injury in an MVA with 100 pound weight gain

by John
(Woodlyn Pa America)

Eggs Florentine.

Eggs Florentine.

L4 L5 & S1 injury in an MVA with 100 pound weight gain means you have to start by helping yourself.

I've had this issue for 10 years after a bad accident (motor vehicle) at work and damaged my L4-L5 & S1; have been seeing Doctors and Specialists, getting medicines for pain so I can live some kind of life without crying in pain and suffering but as of late the Steroid Injections last maybe a week. I've had both side the nerve endings burnt and now pain is severe 24-7-365 seems as if nothing works; lately I have begun to get pain from the groin area down to the knee on the left worse then the right but its on both sides left 1 to 10 its an 8-9 right is 1 to 10 about 5-6.

With pain in the groin, think first hip, and only then a radiation from the lumbar spine. If you lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, to the opposite shoulder, make a circle, and finally drop it into the lotus position, then do you get groin pain?

So the pain that I'm talking of is the inner thigh and it's a thin line like of pain from groin to above inside of knee; it's about 2-3 inches above the knee where the pain ends but wow what pain and discomfort, could this be from my back damage L4-L5 & S1?? Yes, it could, but still consider the hip first.

If so what would you think it is and what would you suggest for me to do, please?

I know I have Great Doctors and not everyone has the kind I have but there are times I feel as if I'm on a Merry-Go-Round and it's all about money for some keep me coming-shoot needles but nothing getting better Praying you may give some advice.

I just had tests done and was told my back is one of the worst my Doctor has ever seen; then follows that up saying even if we did surgery and it was 100% you would still be in pain because of the arthritis that's built up; Is this true or can something be done??

Sadly I have gained a lot of weight and due to the accident gained 100 pounds in year but between my neck-back-ankle & knee injuries need to lose weight but have no way to do so because I can't do any exercising that won't make matters worse WHAT TO DO?? To be honest with you if I didn't have kids & Grandkids-God in my life-wanting to see my son graduate college get married and have kids & My dog I would have seriously bought a gun and blown my brains out because the pain-suffering & misery is that bad that I want it to end and would go to that extreme for it to stop! However; as I said I have God, Family Dog, God's Word(believing suicides are destined to go to HELL scares me bad enough not to so far) Kids & Grandkids but it's getting worse and harder to do anything for me, my house or the simple tasks needed to survive.
So "PLEASE" if there's anything or any how you think you can help or suggest anything for me "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" let me know I'd be so thankful for your opinion & help.

Sorry such a long letter but had to do it to see what you believe, I'll do my best to get any & all info you may need or want in trying to give me your help or advice But for me I REALLY NEED TO KNOW IF THE PIN I'M TELLING YOU ON INNER THIGH CAN BE FROM BACK & L4-5 & S1. Thank You and God Bless Please be safe, well, careful,together, observant and i God Always (especially in this sad state of affairs our world is n today with bullying, Racialness, and anything to make people look less then or weak it's horrible and our fore Father's would be embarrassed at what & where we have come not to mention The Decades it took to build TRUST & OUR DEMOCRACY gone and it looks sad & bleak Praying something happens that the world will see that we need God in our lived today more than EVER)!!
I will be waiting to hear back from you; I Hope & Pray also Pray you email me also Pray it comes up with my letter if not I guess I'll try to find what to do from that point on to get in touch with you Thanks again.

Hello John,
Answers to prayer are not always what we want to hear; but yes, I have an answer to your prayer.

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and you are seriously abusing God's abode with that crap diet you are on. Until you radically change what you eat nobody on earth, either chiropractor, surgeon or other can help you; you have to help yourself.

There is one kind of exercise you can do; the swimming pool. Find one near you, and go six days a week; we'll give you a break from your labours on Sunday! Start with backstroke.

Cut out ALL refined carbohydrate in your diet; that means everything with sugar and white flour; in it's place enjoy ten coloured foods per day.

Prunes and whole rolled oats for breakfast; eggs Florentine.

Large green salad with added peppers, carrots, parsley, celery etc for lunch. Add the colours, fresh lemon or lime juice and olive oil.

If you can find a source of "100% wholemeal flour" get a second hand bread machine and start baking your own bread; maximum two slices per day.

Learn to make hummus from garbanzo beans and tahini and add a dollop to the bread dough; it lowers the glycemic index. Butter, not margarine.

No potatoes, white rice or pasta for dinner. Your choice of protein and as many vegetables as you can think of.

Start doing gentle back exercises every hour; they take about one minute.

Study the term 'glycemic index' and find out why it's so important. Adipose tissue acts as source of inflammatory chemicals in your body; pain.

Not the answer to prayer you want to hear, I know John, but you'll be a new man when you've got that one hundred pound weight gain off. The alternatives are too ghastly to contemplate. Do it; with God's help you can. And get the rest of your family eating this way, or they'll be in trouble like you are; it's not a legacy you want to hand on to your children.

Dr B

» L4 L5 & S1 injury in an MVA with 100 pound weight gain

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