Inner thigh then top of left leg to knee pain

by Gail
(Winnetka, Ca. USA)

is the lotus position painful or restricted? Where?

is the lotus position painful or restricted? Where?

I am a 52 year old female and I don't think had any very serious injury in lifetime with legs. About a week ago in the evening, I was tired that day, went walking and got weakness feeling and my right eye got blurry thing in my vision but I have had that before; not sure which eye but it went away on its own after a week or so and this looks like same condition when I view to right the fuzzy thing comes in my vision.

Anyways also my groin area like inner thigh on left leg felt like a knot in it and didn't want to take weight on that leg because it gets painful and also started walking super slow.

Now today the pain knot thing is more on the top area of thigh of same leg. Still limping too and then my knee which at times when very overweight has hurt me to stay sitting long in car rides in the past but my knee when sitting on the floor outstretched leg bothers me and at other times more now too. Knee in same leg.

I think maybe possibly when also stretching my leg while sitting on the carpet maybe it pulled a bit. I have been told in past that i have some bad discs in my neck and a couple in my back near the mid lower area of my back I think.

I have been a bit overweight most of my adult life but recently have lost quite a bit from walking daily. I have just been taking aspirins one every four hours about sometimes two but it helps I believe a bit but not a lot. The pain is mostly when walking or twisting or putting weight on the leg.

Hello Gail,
Well done on getting the weight off; vital for hip and knee conditions.

The question is whether this pain is a radiation from your lower back, but you make no mention of LBP. If you bend forwards, backwards and to the side do you get any pain in the thigh?

More likely it's a hip condition, which classically radiates down the thigh towards the knee; but you could also have the beginnings of knee arthritis if you were significantly overweight.

Do you have a family history of hip arthritis?

If you pull your knee to the chest, and then towards the opposite shoulder does it hurt? In the lotus position?

I think it's probably time for an x-ray of your pelvis; try and get it taken standing.

Dr B

» Inner thigh then top of left leg to knee pain

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