Ilium "grabs" and takes my breath away!

by Carol

Lighten up as you cross the femoral artery and nerve.

Lighten up as you cross the femoral artery and nerve.

About 4 months ago I had a very sharp pain in my groin area, so painful I gasped and grabbed a chair to keep from falling, and then as quickly as it came, it was gone!

Now this happens several times daily, with no apparent movement or cause. And at the same time, my right arm goes to sleep, all the way down to my fingers; no pain, just uncomfortable for a less than a minute.

I went to my chiropractor, he said that's your "ilium"; said nothing about right arm, gave me a very quick adjustment and goodbye! Needless to say, I guess I may need more of something!

Hello Carol,
You caught your chiropractor on a bad day; if it's always that quick, with no examination by the sounds of things, no assessment of the tingling in your arm, then it's time to find a new chiropractor.

Truth is we all have bad days, so if it's a one off, don't be too concerned.

The pain in the groin could be a heap of things, and seeing it's becoming more frequent, it's time for an x-ray.

Do you have a family history of hip trouble? If you run your thumb with a bit of oil from the ASIS of the ilium, through the groin, and down the inner thigh is it very tender? Sitting, if you raise your knee, is it sore? Where? In the groin or the sacroiliac area?

I think the arm tingling is unrelated even though they seem to happen simultaneously. If you turn your head to the right and then look up, does it hurt?

Get that x-ray of the pelvis, and let me know the result.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


» Ilium "grabs" and takes my breath away!

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