Hips, low back, numbness in toes

by Natalie
(Los Angeles, ca)

I have been struggling with back pain for over two years. I have seen several doctors and chiropractors who have told me many different reasons; from Sciatica, trigger points to a tilted pelvis. My legs are only a different length when I am in the seated position. My toes are constantly numb. I live with pretty intense pain in my hips and low back every day.

My hips constantly snap when I pivot my legs. When I pivot forward on one leg my upper back legs pop. Sometimes when I lay with my back straight I can feel painless clicking in my low back near my spine.

I am desperate to find a solution. At this point, I see a chiropractor who adjusts me bi-weekly, but I am losing hope and feel that the adjustments are only a temporary fix. When I leave the chiro I still have back pain, but feel more stable and after less than 5 days I'm back to feeling the same way. I've been to treatment for about 8 months straight.

My goal is to find a solution. Many doctors give me a shot that relieves pain for less than a day (lidocaine) or suggest their physical therapy. Last I tried their plan, I threw my back out during treatment and my PT trainer suggested the same stretches and excersizes to treat a "strained back".

I'm 28 years old and very frustrated with the chronic back pain. Do you have any suggestions?

Hello Natalie,
You are indeed in a frustrating place. A few questions:

1. Lie on your back and pull each knee to the chest and rotate the hips. Any pain in the groin or significant stiffness?

2. If you bend forwards, is the pull in both legs the same?

3. Ask a friend to stand behind you when standing and place their hands on the top of the iliac crests; what you might call the hips. Do they appear to be level?

4. Go to the Search function at Chiropractic Help and type in Slump Test for Sciatica. Do the test and let me know what you experience.

5. Have x-rays been taken and what do they show?

6. Are you doing any exercises for your lower back every morning before getting out of bed? If not, you'll find some in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

Obviously I can't examine you, Natalie, so all of this is very speculative. Perhaps it will contribute something; let me know.

Dr B

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