Hip pain and pain around the sacroiliac joint

I have arhritis in my right hip,but recently

have had injections by the consultant for torchanteric
bursitis. These were unsuccessful and I,m now to have
prp injection (platelet rich plasma) However I am geting
increasing pain over the top of my pelvis and down into
my groin. Walking is very very painful. Any suggestions?

I need more information to make an insightful comment.
Does being forwards, backwards and to the side cause any pain in the back or leg?

Pull your hip to the chest and rotate: is that your pain?

Your age?

X-rays confirm hip arthritis?

What's your gut feel? Is this a radiating pain from your back, or a hip problem? A Femoral nerve lesion can certainly mimic a hip problem because slips of the Femoral nerve supply the groin, lat and anterior thigh, and the vulva.

Only a careful and thorough chiropractic exam could determine whether you are a chiropractic patient or not. I suggest you do your homework and start looking for a thorough and experienced local chiro.

Dr. Barrie Lewis
I had a disc lesion 4 years ago also L4 L5.

> > Hip pain and pain around the sacroiliac joint

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