Hip, groin, front of thigh and foot pain

by Julie

Typical hip dysplasia in the young pre-arthritic patient.

Typical hip dysplasia in the young pre-arthritic patient.

Hip, groin, front of thigh and foot pain are all typically seen at the chiropractic help coalface.

I have had a painful groin for many years. I am now 62. I found out 2 years ago that I had shallow hips and they would eventually need replacing.

I can still do Pilates but recently my feet have hurt with burning and tingling which has passed a bit but am left with tender heels. I now have cramp like pains in the front thighs.

I have a sore vertebrae bra strap height and coincidentally every time I have manipulation here I get sore feet but not sure if this is related.

My question really is could all of these symptoms be part of the same thing. I have spent a lot of money on various consultants but they don't seem to take any notice of all the symptoms.

Hello Julie,
Shallow hip sockets means you have a condition known as hip dysplasia; like all disease it can be very minor and really serious. Since it is hereditary, it's very important to ask your children if they have groin pain. Grandchildren too. Starting our hip dysplasia exercises now could prevent a life time of misery and even prevent the need for surgery.

It commonly causes pain in the groin and radiating down the front of the inner thigh. Sign up for our newsletter; the next one already started is on this very subject. It's more treatable that you may think. Certainly start exercising them now on a daily basis.

The midback area is unrelated, but hip dysplasia does often cause high lumbar pain, mediated via the femoral nerve and the psoas muscle. These are all conditions that chiropractors treat on a daily basis; cures are uncommon but a large degree of relief of pain is the norm.

I doubt the pain in your feet is related either. It sounds like you have a heel spur in which case a heel cushion with a soft spot usually gives it time to heal; see our foot pain page.

I hope this all contributes.

Dr B

» Hip, groin, front of thigh and foot pain.

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