Groin pain after two different disks fused together

by Jeannette

Drop your hip into the lotus position

Drop your hip into the lotus position

I've had two different disks fused together. My chiropractor said after the surgery he can't adjust my back. I think my hip is now out of whack and causing me severe pain in my hip, buttock and groin area. The pain is relentless. When I put my foot on the floor to walk, I actually holler out loud. Is there anything I can do? I actually feel like I'm leaning.


Hello Jeannette,
I'm afraid that America has become such a litigious country that
doctors of every ilk won't taken on difficult cases. Nothing is going to change that.

The question is whether this is a hip condition, or referred from your spine.

Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, make a circle and drop your knee into the lotus position. Is it stiff and painful?

Ask your chiropractor to test if internal rotation and adduction are limited and stiff.

It's possibly also from the sacroiliac joint, or at least that's a factor.

Do you do back exercises every single day? I would after a major spinal procedure. You'll find some in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

How recent was the surgery to your back? You might find your chiropractor would do some activator work, or McManus traction, or spinal decompression. If you know him or her well, discuss your options.

I think an x-ray of your pelvis is needed.

Good luck, I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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