Groin and hip pain

I recently damaged ligaments in my ankle and after about 5 weeks of no running I tried to do a short distance but I felt pain in both my groin. The next day the pain got worse and the day after that I had pain in my hip and behind my right knee.

There's not enough detail here, and frankly your English is poor! I've corrected some, but even so I'm not sure about "both my groin".

I need about right and left, where in the hip, what provokes the pain, and what relieves it? Is your back sore? If you bend does it hurt? Is your ankle still sore, which one, and how active are you generally. Your age?

Sorry to be so blunt, but if you want serious thoughts on your pains, you must take the time to put a proper history together. Junk in means junk out.

Dr B

» Groin and hip pain

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