front of thighs and sides of trunk BURN

by monica

I was foam rolling a couple of weeks ago. Right after class, I had horrible burning pain in my left inner thigh. Lasted all day. That night my back began to have hot stabbing pains. The next day the pain was in my hip flexor, my inner thigh and my outer shin. Now, it's in both thighs and sides of trunk with intermittent pain in lower back. Feels odd to tighten my abs, like they aren't working. Pain is Horrible. Can't work more than 1/2 day. No exercise. Help.

Hello Monica,
I'm never quite sure whether to bless or curse the local gym. They keep me in business! Remember the point of any exercise program is to improve your health, not send you to your chiropractor or worse, the local surgeon. It happens, often, believe you me. Go back and think about what you did different that day. If you repeat it you'll be in serious trouble.

This is complex because it's not just following the femoral nerve distribution. The outer lower leg is sciatic.

What's needed is a careful, and very thorough examination. Several levels are involved and the pains in your legs may be nerve root impingement, or a hip muscle condition.

Meralgia paresthetica and Maignes syndrome need to be considered.

Let me know what's found.

Dr B


» front of thighs and sides of trunk BURN

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