Femur problem?

by Jill
(Milwaukee, WI )

18 months ago i fell asleep on my bed & when i woke up i couldn't move. I was in such pain, alone and in tears! Ended up in the ER, twice that week due to pain & not being able to move. Yes went to Dr. in between the ER, but thought it was sciatica - been to chiropractor 2yrs before this. Had cortisone shots (2) =nothing. My thigh, groin & now big toe burn, tingle & PAIN! Can't sleep on left side & Dr.s seem to brush off my complaints. Including neurosurgeon.

I want to do water exercise. Do you think it will help with this? I'm at my wits end with drs. Please help/advise. They keep saying it's degenerative discs (L4 & L5 on right, L5 on left, & left thigh/groin/leg is problem) do physical therapy. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello Jill
I've already answered this, so perhaps you'll get two replies; I wonder how they correlate.

Going to bed fine, and waking up in the morning in severe pain is not unusual. It reflects something that happened during the day, then it swells during the night, and you have agony the next day.

This could be a sciatica again if it's going down to your big toe, but if it's in the groin, then there's something else going on.

It's easy to examine for sciatica at home. Using the search function at chiropractic help, look for the Slump test.

Ask someone to examine your hip if you're getting pain in the groin. Can you do the Fabere test, or is it stiff and painful?

Are you doing any lower back exercises? That's always the place to start. Find them in the navigation bar; every morning in bed before arising.

Aquarobics might help but start gently.

Seeing your doctor and the surgeon are not sympathetic, then yes it's time to look elsewhere. Ignored, severe leg pain progresses to numbness and becomes weak and lame.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Femur problem?

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